Sportzcampz4kidz is an organization founded on the principle of providing fun in sports for youth.
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Do we require background checks for staff?

Yes, all staff 18 and older must have a background check done at least once every 3 years.


Is there staff with CPR and First Aid certification?

Yes, at all times there is at least one staff on site who is certified in CPR and First Aid.


Do I get a camp confirmation after registering?

Yes, at the conclusion of the online registration process you will get a Certificate on Registration which lists the camps you have registered for.

How are campers grouped?

Usually campers are grouped by age/grade.


Does my child need to bring lunch?

Yes, campers should bring a lunch each day, lunch is usually around noon.  Fridays, a pizza party is provided for the campers.  The camp does not provide refrigeration. 


Does the camp provide snacks?

No, the camp does not provide snacks.  We do allow for time for the campers to have their snacks.


Do I need to bring any equipment?

No, the camp provides all equipment.  We recommend that campers do not bring any valuables such as cards, electronics, etc to camp.


What happens during inclement weather?

During inclement weather the camps activities are modified.  We do have access to indoor space at all our camp locations.


What forms are required?

All campers must have a completed Participant Information Record turned in.  If a camper needs to take medication, a Authorization for Medication form.  All forms can be found at